Does your son or daughter have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or could benefit from additional certified teaching support? Academic Remediation offered to sustain and increase academic/social gains.

Dr. Edward’s Dissertation is entitled “The Impact of READ 180 on Severe Emotionally Behavioral Disorder Elementary school students. He realizes that meeting the learners where they are presently performing is vital for Self Esteem and Educational growth. Sharper Visions tutoring provides a safe place for learning while supporting the learners, individual needs.

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (VR) & Georgia Department of Behavioral Health
and Developmental Disabilities Consultant (DBHDD)

The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) and The Department of Behavior Health and Developmental Disabilities ( DBHDD) helps people with disabilities find and maintain employment, attend Sheltered Day Programs and offers an array of supports and services. As every individual is different, so too are the services that GVRA and DBHDD offer.

Facilitation of GVRA/ DNHDD Application and facilitation of paperwork offered.

If your loved one has a permanent disability Sharper Visions will facilitate the ambiguous roadmap and redirect you to the appropriate office

Respite Care:

Respite care is a short-term passage of care, often for one to two weeks, from a career who is different from your usual provider. These respite breaks can be planned or unplanned depending on circumstances and can occur in your own home. Recovery is nurtured by relationships and environments that provide hope, empowerment, choices, and opportunities. Weather is a family member that needs supervision or short-term support, Sharper Visions offers supports and services based on individual needs.

Companion Services

offers companionship and supervised activities. Companion care is a form of home care offering non-medical services to older adults or people with disabilities. The goal of companion care is primarily emotional support and socialization, although, companions may help older adults with various tasks, including Light housekeeping.

  • Personal care or home health aide services to assist with bathing, dressing, toileting, and exercising.
  • Light homemaker, shopping and preparing meals and exercising.

Companion Services

Mentoring Services

We bring the best out of the individual. Because everyone’s needs are different, we take a customized approach to helping each person. We wear many hats, sometimes at once. Regardless of what the individual is going through, we’re here to help them be their best selves. From kids six years of age to adulthood, we support your family

Fee-for-service (FFS)

Fee-for-service (FFS) is a payment model in which doctors, hospitals, and medical practices charge separately for each service they perform. Service charges are paid directly to the company.

 At Sharper Visions LLC, these charges cover services rendered to the consumer, or they may cover administrative or processing costs. An FFS is collected to pay for services and supports related to the primary product or service being purchased.