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Super Visons, LLC-Summer Camp 2 Weeks (Monday-Thursday, Date TBA):

Daily Exercise 45 Minutes & SPECIAL OUTINGS:  Full activity Calendar will be provided.Nature hikes, City Pools,Atlanta City Parks, Atlanta Zoo, and Atlanta Aquarium.

Regardless of the activities and sports our campers participate in everyone benefits from trying new things and having fun! Summer Camp makes the process of getting fit a very positive experience. Our sports programs focus on participation, not winning and losing. Individuals receive athletic instruction from a first-rate staff, where positive reinforcement is continually at work to encourage kids, whatever their skill level. Building self-esteem is key. The environment is always non-threatening and stress-free. 

Tutoring Services:

Does your son or daughter have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or could benefit from additional certified teaching support? Academic Remediation offered to sustain and increase academic/social gains.

Dr. Edward’s Dissertation is entitled “The Impact of READ 180 on Severe Emotionally Behavioral Disorder Elementary school students, so meeting the learners where they are presently performing is vital for Self Esteem and Educational growth. Tutoring provides a safe place for learning while supporting the learners, individual needs.

Mentoring Services:

Our mentoring services are designed to help you reach your fullest potential, whether in school, at work, or anywhere else.

We bring out the best in each person we mentor by taking a customized approach to working with them. We can help you with anything from schoolwork to professional development, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have. Our team works with people of all ages, from young children to adults, to help them become the best versions of themselves.

How We Help


Goal setting
Purpose & values
Organization & planning
Stress management


Study strategies
Studentship skills
Homework planning
Asking for help
Test anxiety
Remediation planning
Community/Recreation Services & Supports


College search
Essay writing
Academic & summer planning
Matching activities with interests
Major(s) & career exploration
Designing your life

Fee-for-service (FFS)

Fee-for-service (FFS) is a payment model in which doctors, hospitals, and medical practices charge separately for each service they perform. Service charges are paid directly to the company.

 At Sharper Visions LLC, these charges cover services rendered to the consumer, or they may cover administrative or processing costs. An FFS is collected to pay for services and supports related to the primary product or service being purchased.