SENIOR Recreation and Community Integration


Research has shown that physical recreation for SENIORS (such as walking) and social recreation (such as going to grocery shopping, BINGO) play an important role in improving everyone’s quality of life.

Benefits of Leisure and Recreational Activities, including physical and/or social recreation can be beneficial in the following ways:

• Improve physical health

• Improve self-esteem

• Improve mood

• Increase energy and activity levels

• Reduce side effects of medication (e.g., weight gain)

• Reduce depression and anxiety

• Provide a distraction from stressful

Senior Recreation Center

At Sharper Vision Senior Recreation Center, we believe that the best way to age is to stay active and engaged.

That’s why we offer a dedicated multi-service senior center to serve as an active focal point where seniors can socialize, access services, participate in fun and educational activities, volunteer, and stay generally engaged with their peers and the broader community. Studies on seniors show that activities, socialization, and enhanced community relationships can prevent depression, decrease feelings of isolation and increase the quality of life.

We pride ourselves on being a place where everyone is welcome! Whether you’re looking to play tennis or just grab some coffee with your friends on our patio area, we want you to feel at home here with us.

Community Integration Services

Community integration with an emphasis on social activities and relationships, in addition to employment and independent living skills. The priority of each of these areas may vary for different age groups and support needs. Sharper Visions offers opportunities “to learn practical social and community living skills (and job training) in a wide variety of community settings“.

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