Mentoring Services:

Our mentoring services are designed to help you reach your fullest potential, whether in school, at work, or anywhere else.

We bring out the best in each person we mentor by taking a customized approach to working with them. We can help you with anything from schoolwork to professional development, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have. Our team works with people of all ages, from young children to adults, to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a tutor or coach for your child or want some guidance on how to improve your work life and productivity, we’re here for you! Regardless of what you’re going through, we’re here to support you in making positive changes in your lives.

Coaching and mentoring both have become increasingly significant in today’s time. We provide mentorship programs for adults and kids, and it is being used for personal and professional development. Mentoring/Coaching helps build a positive and concrete change in individuals and boost the transfer of knowledge from the coach/mentor to the individual.

Benefits yielded by Coaching & Mentoring

There are many reasons that explain why it is essential for organizations to coach and mentor their people.

  • Improvement in skill level, strategic thinking, and problem analysis.
  • It increased job satisfaction.
  • Boost individual appreciation & self-confidence.
  • Promotes professional & personal growth.
  • Recognize weaknesses to convert them into success.
  • Lessen the low esteem & disappointments.
  • Enhance Problem solving skills.
  • Provides perspective to think about a better work role and career.

Virtual Mentoring Facility

Sharper Visions offers our clients with virtual assistance to offer mentoring accessibility to everyone, all the time, from anywhere. It is proven that flexibility increase participants in such programs.

Moreover the mentors get more time to engage with a mentee. The programs provides opportunities for both mentor and mentee to connect and for the mentor to learn more about the employee experience. Additionally, the most profound benefit of virtual mentoring programs is the ability to inspire authentic relationships between participants.

So if searching for professional options of mentoring programs near me than get in contact with us.

Mentoring How We Help




Fee-for-service (FFS)

Fee-for-service (FFS) is a payment model in which doctors, hospitals, and medical practices charge separately for each service they perform. Service charges are paid directly to the company.

 At Sharper Visions LLC, these charges cover services rendered to the consumer, or they may cover administrative or processing costs. An FFS is collected to pay for services and supports related to the primary product or service being purchased.