How To Life Coach A Teenager?

Choose the Right Client

Although you can life coach for teens, you are creating a lifelong relationship and so needs of their own. Consider your experience and capability to guide them into becoming the best version of themselves before agreeing to help a family member or friend.

You will also need patience with teenage clients; if they aren’t willing to be coached, you shouldn’t waste your time guiding them. It is also helpful when coaching teens to have experience with this aspect of life yourself, as many feel more comfortable being around people who understand what they are going through.

It is easy to start by helping a teenager develop their abilities, but this can quickly turn into trying to manage their lives and decisions, which becomes very burdensome. It is better to give them direction and trust that they will be able to handle it all.

Make a Plan

Although life coaching for teens is not normally subject to strict timetables, it’s important to put in an effort early to achieve results.

Once you have formed a relationship with your teenager, set up a time to discuss ways to improve their lives. There are many different topics you can discuss, including studying skills, developing relationships, managing emotions, and any other areas they struggle with.

It’s also helpful to know what their goals are. This doesn’t just apply to teenagers but to anyone who is working toward a goal. By creating a roadmap of when things need to be done and how long each task should take, people can track progress against those milestones.

This helps motivate people to keep pushing forward, as they will see the end result coming closer. 

Teach them how to Listen

It’s important that you let your teenagers know that they can trust you as a coach. To do this, you should try to make them feel more confident by showing them that you care about their thoughts and feelings.

You can start by letting them talk about what they are thinking or feeling without making them go through mental pain. Moreover, you can help them develop personal skills like relaxation or bargaining techniques with teen coaching skills.

Finalizing deals is an example of an interpersonal skill that kids love to learn. You can teach them these skills so that they will want to cooperate with you.

Also, because teens are growing and changing all the time, it’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t work out as planned. Help them understand that changes like this are normal and even expected.

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It’s easier to live with uncertainty than to have expectations satisfied. This helps keep everyone relaxed.

Look for their Passion

Finding your client’s passion is one of the most important things a life coach can do. If you work with a teenager, you will probably find their passions very easy to identify.

There are many ways to identify a young person’s passions; however, the shortest way to do so is by asking what they love to do.

If we talk about passions outside of school, the conversation usually turns into jobs and careers. Although this may be a significant part of someone’s life, it isn’t what I call “a real job” — something that people really enjoy doing, that they are good at, and that earns money.

When you ask what they like most about life, how they spend their time, or what they want to do when they grow up, the answer will often include some form of “I am going to get paid for this!”

This gets back to the concept of financial freedom. You need to make money in order to live your life, and having more income coming in makes life easier.

But if earning large sums of money and being rich are things that motivate you, then coaching might be right for you.


Help them with Their Career Choices

Each teenager has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. A good life coach can help them identify these qualities and use them to their advantage.

When you work as a coach with teenagers, one of the first things we do is have “choose your career” conversations. Talk about what they want to be when they grow up, but more importantly, talk about what they love to do and why.

It helps them understand what field they might most enjoy getting into so that they can provide appropriate guidance to make sure they stay on track in the future.

By knowing what field they are interested in, as a teen life coach you can also help them learn pre-requisite skills like writing well or having public speaking experience for when they get hired.

Encourage them to be Creative

Creativity is not a quality that develops itself; you have to encourage teenagers to find their own way of being creative.

There are several ways as a coach, you can help them. You can ask questions and see what kind of ideas they generate themselves.

You can also give them suggestions for things they could try doing. For example, if someone likes drawing, then maybe they would like writing.

Yet another way to promote creativity in teenagers is by giving them a free range of movement. This means letting them choose where they go and who they spend time with. By allowing them more freedom, you will help them develop autonomy as well as independence.

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The better control you have over their life, the less likely they will feel the need to create or come up with ideas of their own.

Support their Peers

Teenagers spend much time with their communities, groups, clubs, and social circles than friends. These are important ways for teens to get out, have fun, and connect.

By connecting with others, they can find joy and confidence in these relationships. Peer support is an incredible way to help feel better about themselves.

However, seeing beyond someone else’s behavior or attitudes can be difficult. They may look happy around people they love, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy.

It takes a while to figure out why they seem unhappy and what they actually want from life.

There are times when we as adults feel unheard or unseen, which causes us stress and frustration.

Supporting your teenager’s lives, whether they’re in school, work, or both, requires listening more than anything else.

This means being aware of how much they matter, who they hang out with, and what they do. When something goes wrong, take responsibility into account.

Giving them guidance by telling them what they think should happen and explaining why. This creates a sense of organization and purpose because they understand the reason behind things.

Show them that you care enough to listen to them and provide a safe space for them to share thoughts and questions.

Be Consistent

Most teenagers find that having a coaching teens is helpful in improving their self-esteem and confidence. It helps them feel more organized, controlled and confident.

However, being coached can also benefit adults, so even if they are not automatically helped by it, it’s still worth saying out loud or thinking about what you want from life and how you plan to get it.

It’s easier to stay motivated when trying to achieve something. A lot of people give up or take shortcuts while attempting to accomplish a goal.

If you’re willing to put in the work and keep working at it, your efforts will pay off and help make you happy over time.

One of the biggest reasons that successful people fail is because they don’t stop talking to themselves. You should be hearing yourself talk; then why not listen? Practice mental prepackaging by thinking ahead and preparing your ideas because you never know when someone may need to hear what you have to say.

Being prepared is better than waiting for things to come together. Identify which elements of how you speak match with how you think and breathe deeply and consistently.

Speaking slowly adds clarity to any conversation and makes you less likely to trip up your words. People want to listen to what you have to say now more than ever. Listen carefully to see if you sound coherent and well thought-out before opening your mouth.


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