Effectiveness of Virtual Mentoring

The best way to find out if virtual mentoring is right for you is to try it and see. Once you pick an online mentor that fits your needs, you can make lasting connections that carry over into offline space. 

If you’re not sure about hiring a coaching & mentoring professional, maybe can be your solution! Many successful people have used our platform to guide thousands of clients and customers through coaching sessions and virtual mentoring activities. 

What sets us apart from another ‘tribe’ is our focus on developing leadership skills—and encouragement instead of competition. We call this Tackling Hard Challenges with Positivity. 

This concept was studied in a series of studies by Kiron Skinner and his colleagues at Princeton University. They found that when we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, we are more likely to understand them and their situation and become more compassionate. 

By being immersed in a conversation once a week, they feel better equipped to handle challenges or difficulties that they may run into outside of chat time. 

That’s because, during those conversations, they were able to ask questions, express ideas, and expand upon concepts related to teaching and learning.

Allows for a better quality of work

There are many reasons why virtual mentoring is becoming more popular. New working technologies make it possible to connect with students online. Internet-based communications tools such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Teamviewer have made it easy to communicate and collaborate with people Worldwide.

By having this ability to be able to connect through technology, you can maintain contact over a long period of time without paying extra money for extended phone plans.

You also have the benefit of being able to use multiple communication devices at your leisure instead of sticking with one method of communicating your expertise.

Research shows that using video chat platforms results in higher satisfaction with teaching exams. Having the opportunity to talk with others about learning issues helps people organize their thoughts and get insight from other teachers.

Having face-to-face interaction is not always the best way to educate someone or enhance your training, but an alternative should be considered before assuming so.

Reduces stress

Over 75% of mentorship programs for adults results in making them more relaxed, confident, and productive.

This is probably because they don’t have to physically attend the programs or are limited to any time frame. By having this freedom, there’s no commute time, no wasted time, and you can adapt to your individual schedule.

Even though you’re separated by a computer screen, by having online communication, you get a sense of your confidence in yourself and what you want to accomplish.

virtual mentoring

Promotes confidence

Technology makes it possible to work from anywhere, at any time. But being able to do something is never enough! You also have to make use of this ability.

If you are willing to put in the effort, that is.

However, not everyone can rely on technology or skills they already have. It’s hard to go back to school if you don’t have much education. It’s hard to find a job if you aren’t already employed.

But anything new takes practice, and practicing something is different than performing well when actually working under pressure.

Performing under pressure is what shows whether or not you can carry out your ideas while facing obstacles.

Practicing builds confidence, which is needed to perform under pressure. When things are going badly, the pressure increases; how you handle that pressure will determine how good you are.

If you haven’t done something lately, now is the time to start doing it. If you think you need help, search for mentoring programs near me and start today.

Enhances self-esteem

Research shows that individuals who participate in virtual mentoring programs enjoy these opportunities to connect with others, learn new skills, and more. These same studies show that virtual mentors are a valuable source of support for individuals seeking to improve their quality of life or feel better about themselves.

At least 12 studies have found that participation in virtual mentoring communities improves employee productivity and satisfaction.

These people feel more productive and confident at solving problems and communicating information. Now they were able to identify which activities mattered most to them and spend their time doing those tasks.

Helps with productivity

 According to a study, virtual mentoring helps increase productivity in two ways.

First, the study found that participants who were given the opportunity to ask questions enjoyed doing their work more because they felt involved and educated.

Secondly, the research showed that when employees have the ability to connect with others, this creates greater job satisfaction. As people are being asked to do more tasks alone, having the ability to help other people is important.

By giving workers options for connecting with peers, supervisors will not be required to pay extra for social functions such as lunch or community events. This saves money and boosts happiness.

Sharper visions embraces each person’s unique strengths by empowering autonomy while providing inclusive supports and services within the community.

  • They envision a world where individuals of all abilities are valued, respected, and included.
  • They want families to be filled with hope and optimism about their loved one.
  • They share knowledge and skills to create meaningful opportunities and plan for a secure future.
  • They value diversity and endeavor to have our staff, board, volunteers, and donors reflect the community we serve.

With 27+ years of supporting families, their experienced staff members have a national reputation for being a trusted source of information for helping parents, caregivers, and children with special needs.

At Sharper Visions they believe that together they can change the world, one child at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time.