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About Us

Sharper Visions

Sharper Visions….

Embraces each person’s unique strengths by empowering autonomy while providing inclusive supports and services within the community

At Sharper Visions….

  • We envision a world where individuals of all abilities are valued, respected, and included.
  • We want families to be filled with hope and optimism about their loved one.
  • We share knowledge and skills to create meaningful opportunities and plan for a secure future.

We value diversity and endeavor to have our staff, board, volunteers, and donors reflect the community we serve…


What Can Sharper Visions Help You With?

Making Changes

Fulfilling Potentials

Finding Balance

Our Services


A. Social Skills Development

B. Anger Management


Community integration with an emphasis on social activities and relationships, in addition to employment and independent living skills. The priority of each of these areas may vary for different age groups and supportive needs. Sharper Visions offers opportunities “to learn practical social and community living skills (and job training) in a wide variety of community settings“.

Community Integration

Research has shown that physical recreation for SENIORS (such as walking) and social recreation (such as going to grocery shopping, BINGO) play an important role in improving everyone’s quality of life

Sharper Vision improves the quality of client life, by offering advice on professional and 
 matters, such as career, health, personal relationships.


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"Sharper Vision has helped me to make choices from a place of optimism instead of fear which has had a powerful impact on my relationships and career."
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Sharper Vision's 'How to Achieve Work/Life Balance' seminar was so beneficial to me that I attended it twice. I took the life-changing decision to have a child as a former workaholic.
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As a result of the coaching, I've decided to start my own company. Working with Amber taught me that life is too short to put off pursuing my dreams.
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I got more out of one month of coaching with Michael than I did out of all the self-help books and seminars I'd attended over the years.